SuperPower takes delivery of a second Reel-to-Reel MOCVD system from CVD Equipment Corporation

RONKONKOMA, N.Y., (Business Wire) – October 21, 2009 – CVD Equipment Corporation (CVD) (NASDAQ: CVV), announced today that SuperPower, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics N.V., took delivery of a second Reel-to-Reel MOCVD deposition system for the production of its second-generation high temperature superconductor (2G HTS) wire that is being provided to organizations around the world for application to products in the fields of energy and medical technologies, transportation, science and research, space, military and general industry. The custom-designed system, built in the company’s Long Island, NY manufacturing center, employs an advanced, reel-to-reel material handling system and precise metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) chamber. SuperPower deposits a complex superconducting film on a metal tape, producing a “wire” which is then wound into superconducting cables, coils, and other components that enable a variety of energy-efficient and high-performance devices such as power transmission cable systems, transformers, motors, generators, fault current limiters, and magnets.

SuperPower recognized the need for a major CVD solution provider in order to get a system capable of depositing its proprietary MOCVD film at high temperatures and high throughput for the critical film thicknesses and material properties needed for these advanced energy delivery systems. John Dackow, SuperPower Director of Operations said “After exhaustive review, CVD was selected to provide our first MOCVD system because we needed a partner who could both think creatively about overall system design, and provide the necessary MOCVD process and system know-how to deliver on our challenging specifications. After taking delivery of the first unit in 2004, it was clear that we had made the right choice. The selection of CVD to provide the follow-on unit was without question.”

“We could not be more pleased with the statement that SuperPower is making with this second delivery”, said Michael J. Gray, CVD’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “As a company with a long history of providing instrumentation for groundbreaking scientific achievement, CVD is always focused on ways to accelerate our customers’ paths to commercialization. Having delivered this kind of support to SuperPower, they have now rewarded us with repeat business. We expect further follow-on orders as Superpower’s market penetration expands.”

“CVD is never satisfied with being just another CVD tool supplier”, said Len Rosenbaum, CVD Equipment’s Founder and CEO. “It has always been our ardent desire to be a partner in our customers’ success. We believed in what we saw at SuperPower from the beginning. Now that their path to commercialization has reached the next level, we continue to be right there to support them. We are very proud to be a part of such novel technology once again, and we expect to be able to apply technology developed for SuperPower to next generation thin film solar module manufacturing as well.

About CVD Equipment Corporation
CVD Equipment Corporation owns and operates three divisions: Together CVD and First Nano product groups form the CVD/First Nano Division. The CVD product group designs and builds pilot and production Chemical Vapor Deposition processes for a multitude of applications and serves primarily the industrial and solar/energy markets. The First Nano product group manufactures the EasyTube™ equipment product line used by researchers around the world to develop and grow a wide variety of next generation Nanowire, Nanotube and Thin Film Materials. The CVD/First Nano Division also operates an Application Laboratory where it develops advanced processes and solutions to facilitate the commercialization of emerging technologies in solar/nano and green field. The Stainless Design Concepts Division manufactures Ultra High Purity (UHP) gas and chemical delivery systems for state-of-the-art Semiconductor fabrication, Solar, Energy and Research and offers complete gas and chemical delivery product lines. The Conceptronic Research International Division supplies reflow ovens and rework stations to the Printed Circuit Board assembly market and ball attach ovens to the back-end semi-conductor packaging industry. It also develops custom industrial inline oven based systems that process materials with controlled gas atmospheres and temperature profiles.

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About SuperPower
SuperPower, Inc. is a subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI), following Philips’ November 2006 acquisition of Intermagnetics General Corporation. SuperPower was formed in March 2000 to provide a strong focus for the development and commercialization of HTS technology for technologies that benefit from high energy density, high magnetic fields and environmental benefits, including energy, medical, transportation, research and other sectors. To learn more, visit www.superpowerinc.com.

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