Fabricated Quartzware

The #1 Choice for Your Fabricated Quartzware Solutions.

Our CVDquartzware™ is used in research and commercial applications. Our on-site quartzware manufacturing facility can produce prototype designs with rapid turnaround. We also stock quartzware components available for immediate purchase and shipment. Our stock includes spare components for our CVD and FirstNano® process equipment, including substrate paddles, wafer boats, process gas injectors, process tubes, quartz bubblers, bell jars, etc.

From quartz process tubes to quartz gas injectors, our innovative designs will meet and exceed your requirements. CVD Equipment Corporation provides high quality quartz products and superior service. Our high purity, clear fused quartz product line is the result of years of precision engineering and custom fabrication experience. Whether you’re in the market for standard or custom fabricated quartzware, our capabilities in machining, grinding, polishing, fusing, and glass blowing, make CVD Equipment Corporation the clear choice. We can bring your ideas to fruition from your drawings and sketches.

Partial List of CVDquartzware™

Bell Jars

Hot Wall Process Tube

Double Walled Process Tubes

Wafer Boat Carrier

Substrate Holders

Gas Injectors

Shower Heads

Push/Pull Rods

Thermocouple Sheaths





Boat Holders

Thermal Baffles

Custom Designs


Requirements for an Accurate Quartzware Solution

Contact us to submit your 2D or 3D drawings with your requirements including dimensions and tolerances.
– Accepted file formats are .doc, .docx, .pdf for 2D files and. STEP for 3D files.

Include a general description of your quartzware requirements specifying:
– Intended application and/or process
– Operating conditions for the quartzware
– Maximum temperature
– Minimum temperature
– Operating pressure range
– Comprehensive list of process gases and chemical precursors
– Dimensions

Quartzware In Use

This information will help our technicians determine if the requested design is suitable for the intended application, and recommend any potential changes in dimensions and tolerances. CVDE can convert your ideas and sketches into finished drawings using our Computer Aided Design systems. With over 40 years of industry experience and expertise in furnace and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) equipment manufacturing, we provide cost-effective solutions for your critical projects.

One Stop Shop Repair Services

Many industries benefit from CVDE’s capability for high quality fabricated quartzware, competitive prices, and prompt delivery. One of our most important and productive relationships has been with the semiconductor industry. Microelectronics manufacturing requires contamination-free handling systems; CVD Equipment is proud to be a major supplier of high purity quartz products to semiconductor companies worldwide.

Refurbishment and repair services are also available with quick turnaround times and cost efficiencies. Quartzware that has been used for long periods of time, overheated, not cleaned properly, and/or sustained minor physical damage, can be repaired with brand-new quartz material. Used quartzware that has been broken, chipped, dimensionally or cosmetically compromised, once properly decontaminated, can be refurbished to extend quartzware lifetime. 

Our highly skilled technicians can fabricate almost any fused quartz product you require. We specialize in spare and replacement parts for chemical vapor deposition systems, chemical processing and laboratory apparatus are supported as well.

Our team of experts can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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