High-Power Electronics

Electric Vehicles are Driving the Demand for SiC Wafers for High Power Electronics

Silicon Carbide (SiC) power electronics provide higher power density and higher efficiency than silicon-based technologies, enabling faster charging times and expanded EV range.

PVT Process

Polycrystalline SiC + Argon Gas

CVD Equipment’s PVT Processing Systems

High-Quality SiC Crystal Boules

CVD Equipment Corporation introduces state-of-the are physical vapor transport (PVT) systems for silicon carbide (SiC) crystal boule growth. With precise thermodynamics and chemical kinetics to drive the reaction, polycrystalline SiC will sublime under low pressure and high temperatures. Our PVT product series provides precise and reliable control of all process parameters. Exclusively engineered for high yield, run-to-run repeatability and system-to-system matching, 150 mm and 200 mm boule diameters can be achieved.

PVT System Features & Benefits:

Physical Vapor Transport (PVT) systems for the growth of 150 & 200+ mm diameter single crystal boules

Crystal Growth & Annealing

Robust Production System with Enhanced Process Controls
– Temperature Control +/- 0.5°C
– Pressure Control +/- 1%

High Temperature, RF Induction Heating up to 2500°C

Standard and Custom Coil Designs

Custom Quartzware

Automatic Crucible Load/Unload and Recipe Start

Crucible Stage Rotation supports accelerated production needs/critical high-volume manufacturing

Automated Repositionable RF Coil with axial vertical travel allows for the control of thermal gradients and optimizes SiC growth.

Motorized Pyrometer Alignment via Remote Control Box for real-time monitoring of crystal growth

Vacuum System with Atmospheric Bypass

Manufacturing Enterprise System (MES) Compatible Integration

Compact Manufacturing Footprint


Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) Systems are used to grow polycrystalline bulk gallium nitride (GaN) as the precursor for monocrystalline gallium nitride wafer production. Our HVPE systems are also used to grow thick epitaxial single crystal layers of doped and undoped gallium nitride, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Indium Phosphide (InP), and other binary and ternary systems where a metal halide is reacted with one or several hydrides to form a solid crystal. CVDE understands the needs of our customer base and prides itself on the wide array of system features and options we can offer; this sets us apart from other OEMs. We’ve artfully engineered so you can deliver better results.

HVPE50 System

HVPE System Features & Benefits:

Configured for Optimal Growth Parameters/Conditions for a Range of Doped and Undoped III/V Epitaxial Crystals, Including GaN, GaAs, AlN, InP, etc.

Dual Chamber Design for Abrupt Multilayer Deposition Available

Multi-zone Furnace (Resistive or RF Induction Heated)

Vertical Process Tube with Pre-Chambers for Chlorination

Chlorination Chambers for Dopant Chlorides are Available

Substrate Rotation for Improved Deposition Uniformity

Loading Station with Optional Nitrogen-Purged Glovebox

Optional Gas Delivery Cabinets

Optional Exhaust Gas Emission Treatment

State-of-the-art Safety Enhancement Control Measures

CVDWinPrC™ System Control Software for Real-Time Process Control, Data Logging, and Process Recipe Editing

Designed to Accommodate the End User’s Configuration Requirements

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