Our Vision & Mission

enabling tomorrow’s technologies

We focus on enabling tomorrow’s technologies™ through vertical integration of design, manufacturing, and process optimization. We leverage 40 years of experience in providing industry-leading chemical vapor deposition systems.

CVD Vision


Achieving company growth by “enabling tomorrow’s technologies ™ ” to meet material challenges, while focusing on operating excellence and performance in everything we do and maintaining a leadership position in our served markets.

Furnace Glow


We provide process deposition equipment & solutions to customers with demanding material performance requirements. Through innovation, market focus, and operational excellence we provide a competitive cost of ownership and return on investment to our stakeholders.

Differentiating CVD Equipment Corporation

Our commitment – to provide industries with high-quality, safe, and reliable process equipment through advanced system design, enhanced safety systems, and intuitive user interface while offering competitive lead times and pricing. Engineered for “enabling tomorrow’s technologies™” we provide innovative products that enable the promise of a sustainable future.

Our drive – to innovate and advance for industries and our customer’s process equipment needs. To deliver reliable results run to run, and system to system “enabling tomorrow’s technologies™,” we engineer for quality and performance. Met with some of the most complex and exciting challenges over the past four-plus decades, CVD Equipment achieves excellence and optimizes process solutions to offer systems that leverage the extensive technical expertise and depth of knowledge CVDE has gained over the years.

Our dedication – to customer satisfaction has brought CVDE to the forefront as a leader in CVD and thermal process solutions for global equipment installations, distribution, and support around the globe. Customer satisfaction is our promise, “enabling tomorrow’s technologies™” is what we do, so you can create the technologies of tomorrow today.

About Us

Over 40 years of expertise in CVD and thermal process equipment design and manufacturing.
enabling tomorrow’s technologies ™ ”