Gas Storage & Delivery

Complete Line of Gas Storage and Gas Delivery Systems.

A leading supplier of precursor gas delivery systems, our SDC® product line provides support for critical standard products to end-user facilities as well as to CVD Equipment Corporation.

Gas management systems, substrate handling and exhaust gas abatement systems are also part of our company product portfolio as well.

CVDE manufactures exhaust gas conditioning systems for the safe treatment of process effluent gases offering automated handling of flammable, hazardous, corrosive and pyrophoric gases. CVDE has solutions to remove particles from the exhaust stream and reacts exhaust byproducts with water and oxygen, an optional pH monitoring system can neutralize the scrubbing solution.


CiphercoN™ BulkGas 1500

Ciphercon BulkGas 1500

CiphercoN™ 1500




FlexGas™ Panel + FlexPowr™
FlexGas Panel
FlexGas™ UHP Manifold Panel
FlexGas UHP
MicroLine™ UHP Manual Panel
MicroLine UHP
SymplicitY™ UHP Auto
SymplicitY™ UHP Auto Panel
SymplicitY™ UHP Manual Panel
SymplicitY™ UHP Manual Panel
SymplicitY™ UHP Semi-Auto Panel
SymplicitY™ UHP Semi-Auto Panel


SDC® Systems specializes in the safest and most reliable Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) specialty gas and chemical delivery equipment available. In addition, we offer a number of services at our SDC® facilities along with comprehensive maintenance and solutions for our customers. The SDC® facility offers cutting edge design, clean room manufacturing, and certification testing of UHP stainless and plastic systems.


Having spare parts on-site is a great way to ensure minimum downtime. Request a recommended spares list upon your order for component part numbers and pricing. For all spares inquiries, please be sure to refer to your equipment serial number so we can assist you quickly and accurately. SDC® stocks a number of parts and if ordered before 3 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, we can ship these items the same day.

Technical support personnel are available 24/7 and can be contacted through our SDC® technical support department at 845-246-3631 Ext. 393. Onsite support is also available for hands on assistance too. To schedule a tech visit contact our service/sales team at 845-246-3631 Ext. 391.

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