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PVT200™ Spec Sheet

The PVT200 system is designed to produce silicon carbide (SiC) crystal boules through physical vapor transport (PVT). In this process, polycrystalline silicon carbide (SiC) undergoes sublimation at high temperatures up to 2,500°C. To achieve the required temperatures, an RF Induction Heating Coil is used for inductive heating in the kilohertz range. The automated positionable coil with axial vertical travel allows for the control of thermal gradients and to optimize SiC growth.

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CVD Equipment Production Systems Catalogopens PDF file

(includes our portfolio of CVD production systems for industrial coatings, the markets we serve, and our core technologies.)

CVD Equipment Production Systems Product Sheets

PVT150™ – Physical Vapor Transport Systemsopens PDF file
Chemical Vapor Infiltration Systemsopens PDF file
Liquid Phase Epitaxial Systemsopens PDF file
Reel-to-Reel (Roll-to-Roll) CVD Processingopens PDF file

Capabilities Brochures

Functional Coatings Capabilitiesopens PDF file
opens in a new windowFabricated Quartzware Capabilitiesopens PDF file

FirstNano® R&D Product Catalogopens PDF file

(includes R&D CVD process systems, gas delivery & abatement systems, and all standard system features & process capabilities configuration tables)

FirstNano® R&D CVD Process System Product Sheets

EasyTube® 101 Budget Friendly CVD System (25 mm x 50 mm)opens PDF file
EasyTube® 2000 CVD System (50 mm x 50 mm)opens PDF file
EasyTopens PDF file ube® 3000 CVD/Annealing Process System (150 mm x 150 mm) opens PDF file
EasyTube® 6000 Multi-Tube Horizontal Furnace System (3 or 4 process tubes)opens PDF file

Application/Process Development Capabilities Brochures

opens in a new windowGraphene Capabilitiesopens PDF file
opens in a new windowMetal Organic CVD Capabilitiesopens PDF file

For information on our systems process capabilities and configurations, please refer to the FirstNano® R&D Product Catalog above.

Exhaust Gas Conditioning System Product Sheets

EGC Wet Scrubberopens PDF file
opens in a new windowEGC Pyrolizer + Wet Scrubberopens PDF file

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