Fiber Coating Systems

CVD Equipment Corporation’s Reel to Reel Fiber and Tow Coating Systems

Tow coating equipment supports the growing demand for CMC materials for commercial and military engine applications.

Tow Coat System

Fiber Coating System Features & Benefits:

Various sizes for parallel processing of 1-tow, 10-tow and 72-tow configurations

Atmospheric or low-pressure roll-to-roll and fixed substrate processing systems

RF Induction Heating for Process temperatures >1400 °C

De-spool and spool modules with drive motors that are isolated from the process environment

Intelligent Unwind and Wind – optical sensing and automatic linear actuated positioning for aligning the payout from the bobbins to minimize rubbing/abrasion during payout and spooling.

Low tension closed-loop control – automatic feedback control of tension down to 10 grams

Multiple process chambers operating in parallel or in sequence to increase production throughput

Full system integration, including fiber handling, deposition chambers, vacuum systems, process gas delivery systems, exhaust gas conditioning systems, and safety & controls systems

Real-time data logging and graphing

Productivity support with tailored service contracts

powered by CVDWinPrC

Powered by our CVDWinPrC™ process control software, the systems automatically log data and graphically show time-dependent values of user-selected parameters. CVDWinPrC™ also allows users to load preprogrammed recipes, modify, check, and create new recipes, and view real-time or saved process data.

Safety Protocols

The systems have application configured safety protocols embedded into relay logic, PLC, and CVDWinPrC™ software.


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