Innovating CVD and Thermal Process Solutions for Every Challenge.

CVDE’s engineers have extensive technical expertise, depth of knowledge and field experience. We engineer for excellence, we engineer to “enable tomorrow’s technologies.”

With forty-plus years of engineering equipment for advanced materials and process solutions and with over 1,000 systems in the field, our global installation base reaches Europe, Asia and North America. Our team of engineers develops core technology protected by CVD intellectual property and successfully delivers innovative process solutions for commercial markets and for government and university research and development.

CVD Equipment Corporation moves ideas to impact, engineering to solve technology and business challenges to help organizations innovate, adapt, and enter new markets, “enabling tomorrow’s technologies™.”

Our engineers build upon many best practices in innovation, bringing them into a domain of greater technical sophistication, doing this with the end user in mind, efficiently, on time, and repeatably.

Beginning with computational modeling and complete 3D mechanical design, our engineers generate comprehensive component and system designs. Full modeling of mechanical and electrical systems and computational thermal and gas flow dynamics modeling ensures equipment performance prior to production release and aids in system development and cost-effectiveness. Capabilities include computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of multi-physics problems such as temperature, flow and electrical and magnetic field distribution throughout reaction chambers.

CVDE’s extensive technical breadth and depth of knowledge, field experience, and high-level process-based experimentation with emerging technology accelerate time to market and a lower cost of ownership.

Our engineers pride themselves on the robust process controls that are a signature feature of all our furnaces. A system’s ability to maintain pressure and process temperature over days and weeks of operation is essential to manufacturing processes and innovation. That’s why our systems are designed with robust process controls to ensure run-to-run and system-to-system repeatability; during operation, CVDE reactors maintain extreme temperature and pressure within +/- half a degree Celsius and +/- 1% of set point.

We engineer for excellence; we engineer “enabling tomorrow’s technologies™.”

About Us

Over 40 years of expertise in CVD and thermal process equipment design and manufacturing.
enabling tomorrow’s technologies ™ ”